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State buildings offer tremendous opportunities to save energy, reduce taxpayer costs, and lead by example when it comes to energy efficiency.

20%x2020’s core program was formally launched in January 2014. Designed to be funded entirely through the savings from reduced monthly utility bills, this program will:

  • Establish the first centralized database of energy performance data for state facilities;
  • Benchmark the current performance of all buildings;
  • Educate all building occupants on daily energy conservation habits;
  • Evaluate and improve operations and maintenance procedures of all buildings in order to optimize energy efficiency within the parameters of the existing equipment;
  • Provide additional analysis and support for energy reduction in those buildings with the highest potential for energy savings; and
  • Develop a cadre of energy managers employed by the state in order to provide the internal human capital needed to independently sustain energy conservation over time.

Who is Involved?

The success of 20%x2020 will be determined by the hard work happening in each agency as energy managers and building occupants collaborate to reduce energy consumption.

The 20%x2020 program was designed by our partner ES2 (an Oklahoma energy company) and is overseen by Craig Cherry, Oklahoma Facilities Energy Conservation Program director.

For program information, please contact:

Craig Cherry, CEM, CEA
State Facilities Director and Program Director
Oklahoma Facilities Energy Conservation Program
Attn.: Oklahoma Facilities Energy Conservation Program
2222 N. Walnut Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

For media inquiries, please contact:

Shelley Zumwalt
Director of Public Affairs
Office of Management and Enterprise Services

NOTE: Additional contact information, including an online form for submitting questions, is available on our Contact page.