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Energy Database

About Energy Cap

EnergyCAP is America’s #1 utility bill management software. Since 1982, EnergyCAP has helped more than 10,000 energy managers in government, education, and commercial organizations to get value from their utility bills. Clients have used EnergyCAP to track energy and greenhouse gas data, target reduction goals, benchmark buildings, submit to ENERGY STAR, measure and verify energy savings, streamline utility bill processing and auditing, create budgets and forecasts, and much more.

Energy Cap Access

EnergyCAP can be accessed by going to – (link opens in new window) and entering this information:

  • Username: oklahoma
  • Password: oklahoma
  • Datasource: oklahoma

How to search for an agency or property:

  1. Expanding the building tree drop down index located on the left side of the menu
  2. Direct search by entering agency/property name in the upper right search bar