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Organizations and Buildings - Phase 1

Please read through both "How to" documents and watch the video with this step before creating your buildings.

Cost Centers

A Cost Center is a group or collection of related accounts. Cost Centers are used to organize vendor accounts in a hierarchy representing your organization's financial structure. Cost Centers also provide a way of reporting and viewing energy use and cost data related to groups of accounts. Cost Centers can contain other Cost Centers, as well as individual accounts. Source: (link opens in a new window)

Vendors and Rates

Vendor information must be established before inputting utility bill data associated with that Vendor. A Vendor provides a Rate Code(s) for each commodity for which services are offered.

Accounts and Meters - Phase 2

Accounts and meters are closely related in EnergyCAP. A meter represents a commodity associated with a utility point of service. All utility bills are associated with a meter, and every meter must be associated with a utility account and a building.

Note: In this step, important decisions are made that will affect the quality of data being collected. Please take the necessary time to ensure this step is done correctly the first time.  

Billing Data - Phase 3

Billing data falls into two categories, historical bill data and ongoing bill data.



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